Favorable conditions should be created in Russia for the development of defense industry enterprises.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Branch Branch on the defense industry of the Federal Inter-branch Council of the largest public organization uniting entrepreneurs of the processing sector, Business Russia Ivan Polyakov.

Commenting on Vladimir Putin’s article “We need a new economy”, published on January 30 in the Vedomosti newspaper, Polyakov stressed that the main tasks of the Branch Department of Business Russia for the defense industry in the near future are to prevent a reduction in the quality and tactical and technical characteristics supplied to the Russian Armed Forces of military equipment and weapons, promoting the development of a competitive market for manufacturers of military equipment, the formation of an economically justified price policy for military products, and the creation of favorable conditions for the development of defense enterprises, including through the cooperation of industrial enterprises of the CSTO member countries.

In his article, Vladimir Putin called for placing under public control the efficiency of public spending on public procurement. In particular, the chairman of the government said: "The draft law on the Federal Contracting System provides for a mandatory preliminary public discussion of the format of public procurement and the starting price. I consider it necessary, without waiting for the law to come into force, to apply such a procedure to all major procurement - say, more than one billion rubles. Let's use the private interest of supplier companies for the benefit of society. Let them get used to discussing with the interested public organizations whether the ordered technical solution is up-to-date, who, what firms can successfully complete such a project, and finally, for what minimal money this can be done. "

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