Third Protocol on Amendments to the Agreement on the Basic Principles of Military-Technical Cooperation between the States Parties to the Collective Security Treaty of May 15, 1992

Member States of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (hereinafter - the CSTO),

seeking to further improve military-technical cooperation in the interest of equipping national armed forces of the CSTO member states with modern armaments and military equipment in order to form an effective collective security system based on the Agreement on the basic principles of military-technical cooperation between states ? the parties to the Collective Security Treaty of May 15, 1992 (hereinafter - the Agreement), signed on June 20, 2000,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

Article 3, the third paragraph of Article 6 and the first paragraph of Article 9 of the Agreement after the words "in a freely convertible currency" add the words "and (or) in rubles of the Russian Federation .".

Article 2

This Protocol shall enter into force in accordance with Article 14 of the Agreement.

Done in the city of Moscow on December 10, 2010 in one authentic copy in Russian. The original copy is kept at the Secretariat of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which will send each state that has signed this Protocol its certified copy.

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